My goal is to make your locks work so well, you actually notice them; and to do this at a fair and reasonable price.
– Bill Walter


Bonnie W.
What a great guy!! I called that day and he came out to my place at 7:00 that night…very punctual… He had quoted me a flat fee. He changed my front door lock and dead bolt… He had all his equipment in his truck so he was able to perform what was needed in a short period of time… He lubricated the locks and made sure each of my keys worked…how many times do you get home and the keys don’t work!!! He was fantastic!!

Charles G.
Experience went well. Mr. Walter inspected the existing installation and was able to immediately diagnose the problems. He provided a quote for repair on the spot. I accepted and he proceeded with the work right then and there. I am quite satisfied with the work and will use him again in the future. Mr. Walter is the sole proprietor of a local business, not an anonymous employee of some big company. I prefer this sort of arrangement when working with a Locksmith.

Bruno M.
My name is Bruno Meglio, and I own Bruno and Soonie Salon in Beverly Hills. I’ve used Bill three times already, and I’ve never dealt with a more, professional, honest, reliable locksmith in my 31 years in business. Finally a professional who does the work and no surprises at the end, and stands by his work. Keep up the good work you are definitely worth it.

Steve B.
I required locks re-keyed for the front and back door. Bill Walter was prompt, efficient, friendly, and when he was done, the locks worked better then new. He cares about the work he does, and his fees were reasonable. I highly recommend him.

Stephanie N.
Bill is an honest, earnest man – who loves working with locks. I highly recommend him. He’s conscientious & a nice guy – and you get whatever you wanted done – done well.

Linda K.
I was locked out of the house and Bill promptly came to the rescue. In no time at all, Bill had me back in the house. Also, he made more keys for me on site. I highly recommend his services!

Diane H.
On two separate occasions a door in my home got locked without there being a key to unlock it. Bill responded quickly and resolved the issue to my satisfaction. Both times he was professional and friendly and made me feel comfortable and confident in his work. It is clear that he has a passion for what he does and is not just another locksmith trying to make a living. I highly recommend Bill and know he will do a great job. You probably will learn more about locks than you ever wanted to, but his love for his work is infectious.

Michael E.
I am Treasurer for the Marina Breeze Homeowner Assn. in Venice, CA and recently hired Bill Walter to repair a security gate for our building which was not closing and latching correctly. He successfully completed the task in record time and the gate has been working perfect for more than a month now. He later phoned me back to ask if he could return and replace another small part which he had found in his collection of spare parts. Of course I said yes, wondering if he might charge me again. Well, there was no charge for that return trip and he said it was fine because it was part of the warranty for the original repair. I have never used Bill Walter before as a Locksmith, but I would like to add that Bill and I were High School friends many years ago back on the east coast, and have remained friends over 45 years. I have always considered him highly trustworthy, and an honorable man. He is also a mechanical genius, and a very dear person. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Mehdi D.
Hello I used Bill twice (installed an automatic door closer and an electronic keypad): – He is the most honest person on the planet – he does his job so well, takes the time to do it, clean… Best of the best. I wish I can find people like him for other things.

Master Keying: a term used to describe a situation where one key fits all the locks while the other keys work selected ones. This would be useful where your gardener needs access to your yard gates, while your key works the yard gates and your entire home.

Construction Keying: when copies of the “construction” key are passed out to the various contractors working a job. After the job is completed and the owner’s key is inserted into the keyway and turned, the construction keys no longer work. This saves having to re-key a second time. Construction Master Keys are also available for multiple projects.

Common Area Keying: almost the opposite of master keying. It’s where many different keys all work in one lock, for example; all 50 different apartment keys can open the front door of the building.

Random Access Keying: where certain keys work in particular sets of locks, and is set up on a lock by lock basis, rather than the hierarchy usually found in master keying.


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