House Keys for Padlocks

House Keys for Padlocks

I had two primary motivations for becoming a locksmith. The first was to have good quality keys that worked well in smoothly operating locks and the second was to eliminate most of the keys on the huge key ring that was filling my pocket.

The typical person carries the keys to their front doorknob and dead bolt, the key to their back door and its deadbolt, a gate key, the key to where they work, another key for the padlock on their self storage unit and another one for the padlock on their lawn shed in the backyard. Then there are a couple of car keys and a mailbox key, and finally a key for a bicycle or motorcycle chain lock. That could be ten or twelve different keys hanging around your keychain!

The car keys I can’t do much about because they’re all different brands and use totally different key blanks and locks. The mailbox key is kind of on its own too. Everything else however, isn’t such a problem. Here’s how to get rid of keys.

Today I’m going to talk about padlocks. I’ve got some beautifully made ABUS padlocks. These padlocks allow you to use your house key rather than have to carry another key around or memorize another padlock combination.


They’re available in 1 ¾” wide, solid brass with 5/16″ hardened steel shackles with lengths from 1 to 6 inches. I use these on the back shed and side gate at my mother-in- law’s home.


For even higher security, they also make a 2″ wide, chrome plated solid brass lock with a 3/8″ hardened steel shackle.

Finally, they have a super tough, 2 ¼” lock with a 7/16″ shackle. This is the one I use to lock the overhead door on the back of my truck. It uses the same key as my home.


Next time I’ll write about how you can eliminate keys if you have both Schlage and Kwikset locks.





Download the PDF – House Keys for Padlocks
Bill Walter – Los Angeles Westside Locksmith
(photos used with permission)