Hi-Security Locks and Keys

Hi-Security Locks and Keys

Security: a Double Edged Sword!

They say “Locks only keep honest people out”. Well‚ that’s true‚ but Hi-Security locks are intended to keep dishonest people out.

There are two primary reasons to use Hi-Security locks. One is key control‚ and the other is a really tough‚ pick resistant‚ drill resistant lock. First‚ let’s look at key control.

“How many keys are out there that I don’t know about”

This is a question often asked by business owners. Home owners usually know the answer to the question giving keys only to trusted friends, but employers often pass out keys to employees so they can open up the place or otherwise have necessary access to run the business. Usually these keys are stamped “DO NOT DUPLICATE“‚ but there’s nothing to keep an enterprising employee from taking a file to an old key lying around and making their own copy.

With Hi-Security locks the keys are more complex‚ thus making unauthorized copying much more difficult. Also the keys are usually coined which makes the key blanks traceable even if filed down.


In most cases you need to present an ID card to have a Hi-Security key duplicated and usually only by the locksmith who initially installed your locks.

Hi-Security locks themselves are very difficult (if not impossible) to pick‚ and they usually have two or three locking points instead of only one. Most of them contain ball bearings and/or hardened steel plates in the areas where one would attempt to drill to defeat the lock. Hi-Security locks can be very time consuming to get around; that is unless there’s a glass window right next to it or a really cheap lock on the back door.


Tight security is not just about Hi-Security locks. It’s about the entire situation. Strong doors and doorjambs, entry proof windows and roof security are all necessary to keep your business really secure.

If security really is important, don’t forget about an alarm system for when they get past the locks and video surveillance for when they get past the alarm.

FACT: The Cylindrical Lock was invented by Walter Schlage in 1909.




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